KLM lead latest Travel Social Media Benchmark from eDigitalResearch


November 12, 2015


International airline KLM Dutch Airlines has topped the social media league table in the latest Travel Social Media Benchmark results from eDigitalResearch.

The study found that KLM have made one of the biggest improvements wave on wave attracting over 1.7million new Facebook followers since the last wave back in January 2015 and topping the Facebook league table for the third wave running.

By combining a mixture of behind-the-scenes content and aviation industry news, the popular airline continue to grow their social media following wave-on-wave gaining an impressive number of followers across social media platforms and claim over four million more Facebook fans than second place Expedia.

Analysis of social media comments using eDigitalResearch’s HUB Text Analytics tool reveal the majority of Twitter users are talking about KLM’s ‘happy staff’, ‘fantastic fares’, the new flight safety film and upcoming departures. It seems that KLM are able to evoke a positive social media atmosphere around their brand and build a sense of anticipation for upcoming travellers.

Overall, airlines continue to dominate the Travel Social Media Benchmark, helped, in part, by their global customer base. Travel brands are now benefiting from a rising interest in the aviation industry and capitalise on this growing trend with behind-the-scenes content and information – from aircraft unveilings to flight schedules and trackers.

Elsewhere in the benchmark, eDigitalResearch found that a large follower base on Facebook and Twitter does not equate to similar follower numbers on other social platforms, such as Instagram. The league table shows that KLM only just scrape into the top five. Instead, brands such as Mr & Mrs Smith have jumped an impressive fifteen places up the league table to sixteenth place since the beginning of the year suggesting that on this content-driven and influential platform having a huge global following does not necessarily equate to more Instagram fans. Where Mr &Mrs Smith have excelled is posting relevant content and images of locations and holidays that appeal to a mass audience.

Derek Eccleston, Global Operating Officer at eDigitalResearch, comments, “With travel companies now more than ever embracing social media, travel brands can now reach out and engage with potential customers from across the world. Social travellers are constantly capturing and sharing their experiences with their friends and social audience. As social media users continue to share both their good and the bad travel experiences, the key challenge for travel companies is to learn how to tap into positive messages and trends and effectively manage the bad to limit the spread of negative sentiment and feelings”.

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