Hello, we’re Maru/Matchbox​

Our business is powered by people. Our clients don’t just buy access to cutting-edge technology, they buy the people who can bring a VoC programme to life and drive real cultural change. We’re proud to be an extension of your team.


We’re a set of specialist teams, uniting to deliver best-in-class VoC programmes

Always-there support

Our diligent research team monitor, manage and explore your data day-to-day, capturing smart feedback, following the story using our agile technology and our comprehensive suite of analytics

Insight Professionals

Our passionate insight professionals bring customer stories to life, delivering high quality outputs, and engaging stakeholders across your business to drive action and maximise programme return.

Operational Experts

Our Operational experts and UI gurus build, test and optimise your programme, ensuring best practice throughout its implementation, on-going maintenance, and innovation.

Product Innovators

Our Product Team are always on the front foot, exploring new and innovative ideas and opportunities. This continuously drives enhancements and more valuable outcomes for you and your programme.

VoC Technologists

As the architects of our proprietary technical ecosystem, our experienced developers bring our best-practice applications and technological innovations to life.

Visionary Thought leaders

Our Sector-specific and VoC Thought Leaders work with each of our programmes, shaping an exciting vision to continually elevate the solution for your business based on your long-term goals and strategy.

We’re with you every step of the way

Our clients trust us because we are experts at what we do: we deliver great outcomes every time. Our clients love working with us because they know we’ll do all we can to meet their business needs; we’re forwards-thinking, commercially savvy and always action-focused.

Meet Our Directors

Gary Topiol

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Brockway

Chief Research Officer

Nada Gillard

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Beams

Development Director

James Marchbank

Finance Director

Meet Our Senior Management Team

Melanie Lewis

Managing Director, Media and Consumer Services

Amelia Burnett

Managing Director, Retail, Travel and Hospitality

Robert Clark

Infrastructure Services Manager

Jo Farquhar

Managing Director, Financial Services

Graham Larkin

Operations Director

Eileen Sutherland

Operations Director

Our values drive us to continuously improve

We’re proud of the service we provide, and of the successful long-term relationships we build with our clients through trust and collaboration.



We’re resourceful, collaborating effectively to develop solutions that go above and beyond.



We positively influence others, using good judgement to deliver smart, innovative outcomes.



We positively influence others, using good judgement to deliver smart, innovative outcomes.



We’re enthusiastic and determined, and we encourage others to accomplish their ambitions.

Ready to make a difference?

We’re always on the lookout for exciting new talent to join our growing technical and research teams. If Maru/Matchbox feels like the right next step for you and your career, we’d love to hear from you.