Why choose our Customer Panel Programme?

To remain competitive and on the front foot companies must engage frequently with customers to truly understand their needs, their preferences and their growing expectations. Smart businesses are staying agile with a Customer Panel, reaching out to customers to test ideas, co-create solutions and anticipate the future. With an engaged panel of customers just one click away, companies have a cost-effective access to the voice of their customer at any time.


Engage your customers with the opportunity to help shape the future of your brand experience, your products and your services.


Contextualise the feedback from your panel by integrating with your own customer data, and select from your unlimited number of panel members a representative and appropriate audience for each specific research need you have.


Retain your valued panel members by sharing with them the outcomes from the research they have contributed to, and by empowering them to share ideas and future-thinking along the way.

Create a high quality, customer centric touch point

Get the conversation started and then keep it going

Really get to know your members with always-on profiling

Leverage a comprehensive, smart research toolkit

Quick and cost-effective response to all research needs

Socialise outcomes across your business to secure action

Start understanding your audience today

Each standalone solution is designed to solve a specific client need, leveraging our technology and people.

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