Why choose our Employee Experience Programme?

Employees have a prime position at the front line of services. They are acutely aware of the pain points through key customer journeys and hold invaluable ideas for potential solutions. Smart businesses are engaging colleagues in the early stages of product and service improvement planning, securing advantage by leveraging their perspective. The pay-back in employee engagement is significant employees feel valued and empowered, consequently becoming increasingly invested in brand success.


Collect and categorise by theme the product and service improvement ideas held by front-line colleagues.


Map these to the customer feedback KPIs and known pain points to identify and prioritise the opportunities.


Co-create potential solutions to the priority pain points by bringing together front-line staff with operational experts and product architects in digital forums.


Action the development & trial of solutions having sense-checked them with customers via Panels/Hot Topics.


Communicate the successes of this initiative to colleagues, nurturing an empowering feedback culture.

Formalise collection of employee's knowledge & ideas

Collect employee feedback about current services

Seek feedback from employees about new product concepts

Map employee experiences against customer KPIs

Leverage employee intel to co-create products & services

Boost employee engagement and secure their loyalty

Start understanding your audience today

Each standalone solution is designed to solve a specific client need, leveraging our technology and people.

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