Why choose our Pop-up Community Programme?

Brands make confident decisions in response to feedback & input from their target audiences, but some customer segments are hard to engage through traditional feedback mechanisms. Smart businesses are utilising short-term digital forums to connect with specific customer segments to yield rich insights regarding future products and services. Temporary investment of time and energy from customer within an interactive and engaging digital forum gives brands invaluable access to their value customers. The resulting interactions are rewarding for brand, colleagues and customers.


Identify your target audience from within your own customer base or amongst non-customers and invite them into an exclusive online forum.


Collaborate with your audience in a one-off forum or at multiple discreet points throughout the development of a new product or service, from functionality to positioning, to ensure it launches with instant success.


Reconnect with your audience at the end of research to thank them by sharing exclusive views of the final offer.

Target those customers who you need to talk to

Engage for as little as 24 hours or up to 24 days

Shape conversations in response to your research objectives

Engage hard-to-reach customer sub-segments

A quick and cost-effective way to talk to customers

Socialise outcomes across your business to secure action

Start understanding your audience today

Each standalone solution is designed to solve a specific client need, leveraging our technology and people.

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