Why choose our Snapshot Experience Programme?

Brands need to be ready to measure the success of both tactical and strategic changes they make to business processes, customer service touchpoints, or their product offering. Smart businesses are proactively putting mechanisms in place to understand the successes and challenges arising from planned business changes, and their impact on customer experience. By doing so, front-line, marketing, and operational teams are empowered with the knowledge of teething issues that must be quickly addressed to minimise any risk to customer loyalty and company revenue.


Critical customer experience metrics before, during and after the implementation of change and confidently understand the drivers of these metrics.


Prioritise opportunities to improve customer experience through the planned change, and quantify the step change in customer experience post-change.


Any customer pain-points that emerge throughout, or as a consequence of, the change and quickly empower the relevant business teams to respond.


Success and yield learnings to inform future change process.

Expert research methodology design & fieldwork

View and analyse your results, live 24/7

Integrate customer feedback with data already known

Unlock insights from structured and unstructured data

Present prioritised recommendations to business teams

Socialise next steps across all levels of your business

Start understanding your audience today

Each standalone solution is designed to solve a specific client need, leveraging our technology and people.

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